sexy lingerie? BYE, FELICIA!

When I first met my husband, I was 26 and he was 25. I rocked a body back then, and so did he. That time was a time of mutual physical admiration, lots and lots of getting-to-know-you sex, and (at least in my case) an almost unholy amount of tiny underthings.

Tiny underthings. Those over-sheer wisps of mesh and lace that look sexy as hell but offer basically nothing in the way of foundation or support. Tiny underthings can range from demi-bras to balconettes, gartered stockings to lace-top thigh highs, teeny bikini-cut panties to thong underwear that constitutes little more than a string and a prayer.

During that first year with my husband, I went on regular shopping sprees for new dainties. I was known to descend on the lingerie shops shrieking “TAKE MY MONEY” until my bank account was drained and a thousand tiny pink bags of useless lace fragments were mine.

est. 1975 USED to love herself some sexy lingerie. Not anymore, my friends. Not. Anymore. #funny #humor #est1975 #est1975blog #lingerie #panties #grannypanties @est1975blog
‘Twas my home away from home.

However, much to my husband’s disappointment, my flirtation with tiny underthings did not last long. Mainly because THAT SHIT IS UNCOMFORTABLE. AND EXPENSIVE. AND HIGH-MAINTENANCE. Don’t get me wrong, I cast no aspersions upon women who manage to make sexy lingerie work for them. But I myself just . . . couldn’t. Believe me, I tried.

And I failed.

You see, after about a year of tiny underthings, several realities about them became abundantly clear:

  • Tiny underthings did not play nice with my vajay. They were itchy, clammy, and yeast infection-y. My vaginal chemistry was *never* happy. I longed for a cotton gusset.
  • Tiny underthings required too much special washing and handling. My mother told me: “Buy a lingerie bag, some Woolite, and throw it all in the washing machine on delicate.” Lingerie bag? Woolite? A washing machine cycle other than “whatever it’s already on”? Yeah, none of that ever happened. I threw my expensive lingerie in the wash with towels and jeans, and watched it disintegrate instantly.
  • Tiny underthings simply don’t cut it when you’re a relatively busty woman with considerable back door biscuits. To put it bluntly, I needed lingerie with a lot more muscle and know-how. I required underwire. I required full coverage. I required reinforced straps and a serious amount of hooks. I required bras so big that my husband and I could stand side by side and wear each cup as a hat (and later did.)

So I gave up on tiny underthings, as well as the extra helping of self-confidence that comes with them. But you know what? I have no regrets. Because, you see, I no longer have quadra-boob from trying to stuff my flabby bosom into a too-small balconette bra that the Victoria’s Secret saleswomen ASSURED me would fit like a glove. I no longer have crack chafe from a gritty piece of butt floss jammed in my sweaty swamp-ass all day. And best of all? Yeast infections are at an all-time low.

est. 1975 USED to love herself some sexy lingerie. Not anymore, my friends. Not. Anymore. #funny #humor #est1975 #est1975blog #lingerie #panties #grannypanties @est1975blog
My “now” undergarments: 1) A humongous yet functional bra that is beyond mangled from having been washed repeatedly with things like jeans, sneakers, and possibly chunks of rebar; and 2) A humongous pair of granny panties that are faded as all hell but would undoubtedly work great in place of a mainsail or field tarp.

And just so you know? While I may have moved on to full-coverage old lady bras and 100% cotton underdudes years ago, I’ve only just recently taken the next step. What many might consider the LAST step. You see, I had a hysterectomy, and now there’s a big old abdominal scar that’s right where the elastic part of my old cotton panties nestle into the roll. I can’t have that anymore. I’m all numb down there, and the skin around my hysterectomy scar feels weird, and I just don’t like anything touching it. (Hyster sisters, I know you feel me.)

So what’s the solution? I hear you asking.

The solution, my dears, is granny panties. And if you don’t have any? I HIGHLY SUGGEST PICKING SOME UP. They are comfortable. They are supportive. They are beloved of hipsters everywhere. Oh, you’re worried they’re unsexy? Well to that I say: husbands and boyfriends and partners of all gender identities be damned. It’s time for them to grow up, move on from their fixation with tiny underthings, and say: “Sexy lingerie? BYE, FELICIA!”

est. 1975 USED to love herself some sexy lingerie. Not anymore, my friends. Not. Anymore. #funny #humor #est1975 #est1975blog #lingerie #panties #grannypanties @est1975blog
My feelings on the subject of lingerie THESE days.


An earlier version of this piece was published in 2014 on BLUNTmoms.

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21 Replies to “sexy lingerie? BYE, FELICIA!”

  1. This is amazing. I still wear thongs (if anything) but when it comes to sleeping? It’s all faded stretchy cotton dresses with weird stains. Alex always looks at me affectionately (resignedly?) and says “Awww. My comfortable wife.”

    1. You know, speaking of that, I was surprised that of all those BlogU and BlogHer photos that there were no oopsie upskirts of you! 😉 If it were me, it would have been like: “And here’s the 10,000th accidental picture of Sarah’s vagina. *yawn*”

  2. Dude, I’ve discovered that granny panties are great for those low riding jeans. I just hitch those bitches up and it covers my crack! While also making me look 85, but who cares?

  3. Yeah, I’ve got a “special drawer” – haven’t opened it in over a year since I know it’s all too small – I know if I try to get into any of of those tiny flim flams I’m going to end up whimpering and eating ice cream instead of having sexy time.

    Love the undie graphic. Btw, can I borrow some chunks of rebar? I have a pair of jeans (and, um, also a neighbor) I need to wear down.

  4. Long live granny panties! Without fail, the last time I wore a thong (never again. never again.) boom, yeast infection. Damn things should be outlawed. I’ve worn cotton undies for years now and sooo much better!

    P.S. VS has some cute cotton undies. They may not be granny panties stylin but they at least have the option in the hipster style. Still better than thongs!

  5. Yeah, no more thongs for me either. They’re all I used to wear and now I can’t stand them. I’d rather wear nothing but my 47 year old bladder advises against that lest there be some embarrassment should I sneeze.

  6. Back door biscuits is my new favorite phrase. I have them, too, and I too go with a basic brief or a granny. And WHO are these women who can wear boy shorts? Certainly, they do not have hips.

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