how my parents facetime

Me: Have you talked to Dad?

Cheeks: Not today, we’re supposed to FaceTime tomorrow

Cheeks: I’ll let you know how that goes

Me: I’m sure it will go like this


Cheeks: Or like this


Me: Lol way too many teeth

Cheeks: Yeah, but with less teeth

Cheeks: This is how Mom FaceTimes


Cheeks: Or like this


Me: Bahaha

Me: This is where I end up whenever Mom and I are FaceTiming with someone together


Me: Just busting me right on out of frame

Cheeks: Haha I just love watching her trying not to have a double chin

Cheeks: Or holding the phone two inches away from her face

Me: Like this?


Cheeks: Baaahahaha ok these are cracking me up

Me: Here’s one of Dad’s FaceTime moves


Cheeks: BAHAHA omg I was going to do that too

Cheeks: This is a classic Mom move



Me: Here’s another of Dad


Cheeks: OMG too real

Me: You know I’m going to blog about this

Cheeks: Yup

Me: You know Mom will be so mad

Cheeks: Yup

Me: You know Dad won’t even care or know

Cheeks: Yup


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24 Replies to “how my parents facetime”

    1. That would have been a hilarious one but you know, I’m not sure my parents ever do that! Still, send me a picture of your imitation of your dad and I’ll put it up on the FB page 🙂

  1. Omg, this was too fucking funny.

    And…the closest I’ve been to face timing is when one of the kids walk by while doing it and I see a young nosy face peering into my cave. I mean house. My house.

  2. OMG Sarah–those faces! I know I keep saying this, but you win the award for best graphics hands down.

    I’m glad my mother doesn’t know how to facetime. I’m still wiping the fingerprints off of my laptop screen from her recent visit, when she tried to use it like an iPad.

  3. Love it! I hate, hate, hate FaceTime. My son is with his grandparents and keeps trying to Facetime me, but I just won’t do it. I’ll talk, I’ll text, I’ll emoji, but ain’t no one seeing my face.

  4. I couldn’t possibly face time with my mom, she’d see what I was wearing, and know I haven’t done laundry for two weeks.
    At 78,my mom has only been on Facebook for about six months. She still calls me to see why I haven’t ‘liked’ her 1,000,001st picture of some random cat.

  5. I’ve facetimed with my mom exactly once. She hung up on me then called my husband. I don’t know why. He was sitting right next to me. I’ve tried to text her, and she never responds. I said something about wishing she could get my texts and needing to take a look at her phone and she said “Oh, I get your texts, I just don’t answer because I can’t type on that little keyboard.” She didn’t know about the voice-to-text option. I don’t even know if I want to go there …

  6. I can’t even imagine my mother trying this, though she keeps threatening to. Ah, she’ll never figure it out unless I’m in the room with her which defeats the purpose.

  7. Hilarious. My inlaws do it with every single cousin in Calif around them, and they all shout their questions to my kids at once. And when my kids sit there blinking, not answering right away because of overwhelmption from the camera full of faces and voices, we hear back, “THEY GET THAT BEING QUIET FROM YOU, HUH?”

  8. I have seriously come back to this post about ten times. The dad pictures KILL ME. I laughed so hard I scared the dogs.

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