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Whether you referred to grades 6 through 8 as “middle school” or “junior high,” I’m guessing that those years were as awkward and hilarious for you as they were for me. Which is why I thought it would be fun to let my Facebook fans come up with a bunch of interview questions for Middle School Me to answer.

And true to form, you loyal so-and-sos did not disappoint. So let’s travel back in time to 1985-1988, when MTV, Guess jeans, and the Reagan administration reigned supreme!


Zoe vs. The Universe: “At what age do you think you will no longer have acne?”

Middle School Me: Open your eyes, lady. I don’t have any acne.

"middle school me" - est. 1975 takes her readers on a journey through the mind of her middle school self. #funny #humor #est1975blog @est1975blog #est1975 #middleschool #blogu15 #middleschooltothemax

As you can see, I am clearly one of those awesome babes who can rock a perm, a puke-green shirt, and a flawless complexion. Needless to say, I will never have a single zit for as long as I live.

What do you mean, “adult-onset acne”? Never heard of it.


Hall of Tweets: “Which celebrities do you have a crush on?”

Middle School Me: Which celebrities DON’T I have a crush on?! Directing my unrequited adolescent sexuality at completely inaccessible men who are twice my age is SO RAD! Here are the objects of just a few of my ridiculous fantasies:




Nicky M: “Favorite item of clothing?”

Middle School Me: The perfectly good pair of Keds that I continue to ruin decorate by drawing peace symbols all over them in permanent marker, ripping holes in them, and sticking beaded friendship pins through the laces. Duh.


Hacker. Ninja. Hooker. Spy.: “What do your bangs look like?”

Middle School Me: This.

"middle school me" - est. 1975 takes her readers on a journey through the mind of her middle school self. #funny #humor #est1975blog @est1975blog #est1975 #middleschool #blogu15 #middleschooltothemax
And is that a hint of mustache?

UGLY? What are you TALKING about? All the cute boys love my jacked-up teeth, forward comb-over, side wings, and one giant cross earring.


Heidi C: “Have you gotten your period yet?! Isn’t it gross?”

Middle School Me: Um, yeah! I totally have! It is SO gross. All the… blood, and stuff? It barfs me out! So grody. Hey, wait here a minute. I gotta… do something for a sec.

*runs over to Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret to find some more things I can say about the period I haven’t actually gotten yet*


Donna B: “If I open your locker, what non-educational items will I find? Aquanet? Tiger Beat pin up? A BFF collage?”

Middle School Me: Let’s take a look!


Okay. This is what’s in here:

1. A magnetic mirror that is so cheap and warped it shows a reflection to no man.

2. 18 million rotting lunches.

3. Aquanet.

4. A balled-up gym uniform I haven’t washed in 3 months.

5. Every single note that has been passed to me since the beginning of the school year.

6. Some shitty makeup I stole from my Mom.

7. More Aquanet.


Andrea M: “Who is on the poster thumb-tacked above your bed?”

Middle School Me: Richard Marx’s hair.


We Don’t Chew Glass: “What is the worst thing you’ve ever done AND did you get caught?”

Middle School Me: Once I drank a sip out of the bottle of Bailey’s that my Mom and Dad keep in the fridge. It was gross. It tasted like coffee. I didn’t get caught because the sip was only like .0000000001 ounces and my parents were in the other room watching Family Ties.

Oh, and I also double-pierced my ears with a needle and an ice cube.


Foxy Wine Pocket: “How do you achieve the perfect peg in your jeans? How many ESPRIT sweatshirts do you have? What’s your favorite color of mascara?”

Middle School Me: Totally tubular questions! Here are my answers.

1. I achieve the perfect peg in my jeans by cutting off 100% of the blood supply to my ankles.


2. I have as many ESPRIT sweatshirts as I can pressure my mother into buying me from yard sales and the clearance rack at T.J. Maxx. So like, two. And they don’t fit. BUT I DON’T CARE BECAUSE THEY’RE ESPRIT AND THAT’S WHAT ALL THE POPULAR GIRLS WEAR.

3. Is there any other mascara color besides blue? I don’t understand the question.


Cristina G: “The dance is after school today! Which songs are you totally excited to dance to?”

Middle School Me: Oh my gawd. I am so nervous to the max. I hope they play these:

1. Bon Jovi – “Livin’ On A Prayer” Because I know a lot about the hardships of life. Like that one time I had to change in the bathroom instead of the locker room because I forgot to wear my training bra to school.

2. Prince – “U Got the Look” Because despite the fact that I’m still not even totally sure how sex works, the lyrics “Your face is jammin’/ Your body’s heck-a-slammin’/ If love is good/ Let’s get to rammin'” really speak to me.


4. Peter Gabriel – “Sledgehammer” Because nothing says “totally cool song” than one with a stop-motion, claymation music video with oven-ready chickens dancing around in it.

5. Richard Marx  – “Hold On To The Nights” MOMmmmm noooooobody asked me to sloooooooow daaaanccccee wahhhhh *sobs forever*


Hacker. Ninja. Hooker. Spy.: “How popular are you?”

Middle School Me: Did you see the pictures?


And that’s the end of the interview! Thanks to everyone who participated, including Middle School Me, who thinks you are all a bunch of old lame-os.

If this interview wasn’t enough, and you’re still clamoring for more Middle School Me, you can see me live and in person at the “Middle School to the Max” party event on June 6th at the Blog U 2015 Conference in Baltimore, Maryland! But remember, you need to be a registered participant in the conference to get in the door. So if you want to see me in all my oversized ESPRIT sweatshirt and pegged jeans glory, make sure to head on over to Blog U’s web site and register now! THE LAST DAY TO BUY A TICKET IS MAY 15TH! #BlogU15 #MiddleSchoolToTheMax


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  1. Those bangs! And the comment that Prince ‘really speaks to me’ had me tear up. Wish I was going to BlogU! Maybe I’ll get to rammin’ and see if the purse strings loosen up…

  2. Yes to ALL of this, and thanks for reminding me I’ll need to pick up some blue mascara before June! George Michael is SO not gay! Would a gay man have written “I Want Your Sex”? NO. I am totally wearing a cut up sweatshirt (ALREADY GOT IT) and a neon tank top. I still need to figure out the bottom half!

    1. I have NO IDEA what I’m going to wear. And I have to practice my tsunami bangs big time. I’m thinking pegged stonewashed jeans and some kind of really dumb branded shirt. And of course blue eyeshadow and blue mascara. And bright pink blush.

  3. I have no idea what was in my locker in junior high. I remember all the cute boys who passed it every day though…both years. 🙂

    This was great. Your posts always give me a smile, Sarah. Thanks doll. xo

  4. And all the middle school dorkiness just comes right back. Gee thanks. 😉 This is so funny. I’m witnessing my 13 year old son’s awkwardness these days. Interesting how the styles may change a bit but the teenage angst stays the same.

  5. Love it! Can’t wait for you to reenact this glory for BlogU! I also saved my angst for high school. I remember my older sister got all New Wave first and she’d play The Cure and as a 12-yr-old snot I’d say, “Gawd, sounds more like the disease!” A year later I loved them. Ah, awkward times.

  6. Obviously, the Bangs Incident of several months ago was a working through of middle school issues. I hope it went well, things are better now, they’ve grown back in, and YOU LEAVE THEM ALONE.

    Also, I had the large one earring thing (thanks, Janet Jackson) and pierced my ear in the same fashion as you did. Apparently, it was required in the 80s.

    1. They’ve grown back in. I’m actually letting them grow out all the way. I’m sick of dealing with them. Plus my husband told me they made me look like I had “one little head on top of a regular head.”

  7. I was hoping tsunami bangs pic would be posted.
    Love, No Bangs Ben Franklin (perfectly round spectacles)

  8. The bangs! In junior high I started this weird growing out of the bangs phase, so it was part power-bangs, part barretted back into my head. Good God.

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