that’s paris: SO much frenching

I love France.

I mean, I’ve never actually been there. And everything I know about it has been gleaned from the following sources:

  • Those stupid forced-perspective pictures of the Eiffel Tower that all American tourists take;
  • Impressionist paintings that I feel pressured to like but never do;
  • That tired “Royale with Cheese” scene from Pulp Fiction; and
  • The Stranger by Albert Camus, which I read in AP English and remember almost nothing about.

But still. France seems great. They have those awesome black-and-white striped shirts, am I right?! And there’s mimes all over the place, and sad clowns, and I think there’s lots of bicycles with breadbaskets. Also, some famous people hail from France! Gérard Depardieu, for example. And that one chick from Chocolat. And Brigitte something. She had boobs.

Humina what now?

Anyway, I love France so much that I wrote a story about it. More specifically, I wrote a story about Paris—a city I’ve never visited, and have read absolutely nothing about. “Then what on Earth could you possibly have written about?” you probably don’t care. Well, here’s an excerpt to whet your whistle:

that's paris

Funny, non? You can find the rest of my story, “This One Time in Paris,” in the recently-released anthology That’s Paris: An Anthology of Life, Love, and Sarcasm in the City of Light. Published by Velvet Morning Press, That’s Paris is a collection of both fiction and non-fiction stories from people who have traveled to Paris, lived in Paris, and (like me) never even set foot in Paris, but nevertheless have staunch opinions about it.

that's paris 2

Among the book’s contributors are: the author of three fashion books, the writer of a recently-released book on Rwanda, Amazon best-selling authors, journalists, a personal chef, and winners of various blogging awards (that’s me!) That’s Paris features new talent as well as established writers, but all of the contributors have one thing in common—their stories capture the essence of what it’s like to breathe Parisian air. Which may or may not smell like Brie farts.

Click here to find a full list of the contributors as well as short biographies on each one, and while you’re there, be sure to read all about the charity Room to Read, to which all author proceeds from anthology sales of That’s Paris are donated.

Seriously, this book is terrific and I am so proud to be a part of it. With a line-up of amazing contributors and all author proceeds going to charity, there is absolutely NO reason for you not to buy 5,000 copies.

Right. Now.


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  1. Don’t hate me. I only bought 4, 999. Je suis desolee. (aka one of the few phrases I know in French, and I still may have spelled it wrong).

  2. Loved your essay, and especially since you’ve never been there. You were one of the writers I did not have to be so jealous of… 😉

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