every year
just once a year
i get Consumption Lite.

i wheeze and cough
and rattle
all throughout
the day and night.

i blow my nose
until it’s raw
and red and peeling too.
i pick at it
and my meds?
they make me poo.

i lose my voice so bad
i order fast food
with a note.

and my breath gets
so damn funk
you best believe
it smells like scrote.

at least
when i’m the one who’s sick
the snot rags
get thrown out.

(unlike with certain others
who leave them
strewn about.)

i hope that i’ll
be better soon
because i’m bored as fuck
my house is gross
my face is gross
it’s really pretty suck.

but until i am on the mend
i’ll lay right here
in bed
and let my hub do all the work

(i should probably give him head.)