i win at children

Check out the awesome letter my husband and I received from my son this week:



I think you are the Best Parents ever. I love you. You are not chubby. 38 is still young. See for yourself: 10 20 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38. That is young. You are nice.

By J.



Look, I’m sure your children are great and everything. But this letter is pretty effing amazing. I also appreciate the subtle allusion to the movie Frozen, because I had almost forgotten its existence for .00003 seconds.

18 Replies to “i win at children”

    1. He’s a little liar, just like his father (who says I look pretty no matter what bog I just crawled out of, and as I’ve mentioned also never tells me when I have bad breath.)

    1. For you, dear? Of course. <3

      (By the way, I might be doing a blog post about our honeymoon in Scotland at some point. I may be checking in with you on how to say a couple of funny things in over-the-top Scottish dialect. Hope ye dinnae mind!)

  1. I’m picturing you walking around the house & saying to yourself, or your family, at least ten times per day “I’m old & fat” … hysterical 🙂

  2. You win. You totally win. I’d love to get one of those from my daughter, but she’s too busy screaming at me that I’m the meanest mom ever. (Although I think I’d call that a win too.) LOVE the new left sidebar.

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I wasn’t sure about it. I know the picture changes its position depending on what browser, monitor resolution, zoom percentage, etc. you’re using. Which could make it look weird. And I’m pretty sure the picture is over-filtered. But whatever my nails look good

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