“fun” with facebook

Because there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FUNNIER than reading the social media conversations of complete strangers, I thought I’d jump on here tonight and bless you with a fine selection of witty Facebook tomfoolery starring ME AND MY GIRLS!

Oh, don’t try to act like you have anything better to read in the middle of taking a dump. Shut up and scroll.


Discussing body hair with comedy/celebrity blogger Megan at The Poll Vault:



My girl Di and I having a slight difference of opinion with regards to my upcoming hysterectomy:



Sharing The Poll Vault’s news item “That Sound You Hear Is A Million Batchurbators Having A Private Moment” with my girl Chris:



And finally, a serious discussion with my girls Anne and Tiffany about gigantic babies and their gigantic diapering needs:


And there you have it! Fabulous Facebook repartee between me and my girls! (Okay, so Erma Bombeck we’re not. But if you at least went *snrk* once or twice I count that as a win.)

14 Replies to ““fun” with facebook”

  1. I’m dying at the diaper. I had some huge ass babies so I know the ginormous diaper struggle is real. Also, hello everyone who is now privy to my waxing habits and what my husband finds slightly bonerific.

  2. WTF that is one big fucking kid! I have never tried to get a Brazilian. I figured I’ll skip the pain and irritation and go all 70’s porn.

  3. haha! Batchurbators?? What a title. I knew there must be a name for it. Although I’ve been watching Sherlock from the start and I think I’d rather go for Watson at this point. It just seems..mildly easier.

  4. Waxing is painful. I only do it for bathing suit season. My husband could care less. I don’t know why its such a big topic of discussion. And I’m with you on the periods. I won’t miss them at all when they go away for good.

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