“fun” with facebook

Because there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FUNNIER than reading the social media conversations of complete strangers, I thought I’d jump on here tonight and bless you with a fine selection of witty Facebook tomfoolery starring ME AND MY GIRLS!

Oh, don’t try to act like you have anything better to read in the middle of taking a dump. Shut up and scroll.


Discussing body hair with comedy/celebrity blogger Megan at The Poll Vault:



My girl Di and I having a slight difference of opinion with regards to my upcoming hysterectomy:



Sharing The Poll Vault’s news item “That Sound You Hear Is A Million Batchurbators Having A Private Moment” with my girl Chris:



And finally, a serious discussion with my girls Anne and Tiffany about gigantic babies and their gigantic diapering needs:


And there you have it! Fabulous Facebook repartee between me and my girls! (Okay, so Erma Bombeck we’re not. But if you at least went *snrk* once or twice I count that as a win.)