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  1. Good luck! And since this is about longaberger and not your kidneys- I remember a joint LB and Mary Kay party at my MILs back in the day. They made me up to look like a pink ballerina. And I could not find a basket I wanted. My fellow SIL refused to pick one. I thought she was a witch for that. Ha.

    1. Longaberger is a big deal here. Once my ex-husband and I were looking to a buy a house and our realtor took us to one that was decorated in WALL TO WALL Longaberger baskets. There were stacks of them everywhurr. They were bolted to the walls and ceilings. It was the most fucked up thing I ever saw. I think the owner of the house must have worked at Longaberger, because I can only imagine how much all of those things cost without an employee discount.

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