lest ye be judged

Remember learning about Anubis in grade school? He was the ancient Egyptian god with the head of a jackal who hung around the underworld mummifying bodies and weighing hearts against feathers and whatnot. Here’s a picture of him holding court with some weirdos and a tiny bird-man:

Anubis weighing some shit.

I bring up Anubis and the whole ancient Egyptian “weighing your heart against a feather” afterlife doodly-doo because all of it offers some context to the following chat conversation I had with my sister Cheeks the other day:













….aaaaaand it does.

Poor Anubis.

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      1. Well, I am an actual person you can vent to; if you ever feel like doing so outside of the private chat room knows as ‘mine & your blog comment areas’ let me know.

        I’ve only stalked three or four people so far, but they were all underage.

        Ultimately you’ll have to come out of it on your own, but you’re definitely not alone, and there is a difference.

        ATTN FBI: One of the lines in this comment is sarcastic.

        1. “Ultimately you’ll have to come out of it on your own” – this is the truth, and unfortunately people who have never suffered from depression don’t often understand. Don’t think I’m judging them! They are trying to help as best they can. But you’re right, there’s little that can be done to control the course of a bad patch.

  1. I would add the amount of fumes I have inhaled in various carpool lines across the land!!
    LOVE your text with your sister! Bwahahahahahahahaha!! –Lisa

    1. Ooh, car pool line fumes are a good one.

      I would also add “wet napkins and paper towels in the kitchen sink for some reason that I have had to repulsedly manage to fling into the trash across the entire kitchen.”

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