tickle my pickle

Last night I was hanging out in bed when my husband started tickling me in a dumb and completely ineffective attempt at foreplay.

Me: “What are you doing?”
Him: “Tickling you.”
Me: “For real? Tickling sucks! No one is turned on by tickling.”
Him: “Whatever. I love tickling.”
Me: “Oh, you do NOT. You HATE it.”
Him: “I love it.”
Me: “Fine. I’ll just tickle YOU then.” *tickles*
Him: “STOP. STOP!”
Me: “See?”
Him (accusatory): “Look at what you did. You made my underwear fall off.”



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    1. Well, if you must know, what he actually said was “You made my underwear FELL off” because as you know he is Spanish and says hilarious shit. And that was adorable. So I had sex with him.

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